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On this site, you will find information about the Parish Council and Harpole Clubs and Activities. On the right-hand side of this page, you can see all the latest Minutes from Parish Council meetings and Committees. A link gives you access to the Library of the Council, with important documents and previous Minutes and Resolutions.  Click on any of the coloured links to get to the information described.

Harpole is a vibrant and active community with many clubs, organisations, and activities. As well as Parish Council matters this site provides the repository for information on these organisations and activities. There is also a section for village-based services. If you would like your business featured, or you have any questions about the site please contact us at admin@harpolevillage.org.uk   You can also sign up to receive our occasional mailing, highlighting activities and events in the Parish,

The Work of Harpole Parish Council

The Work of Harpole Parish Council

Find out about the Parish Council here:

Councillors, Committees, Reports, Activities and General Information about your Parish Council

What’s on in Harpole?

A diary of Council meetings, village events, and activities can be found


If you would like your event included, please let us know here


We send out a newsletter from time to time to keep Parishioners up to date with activities in the Parish.
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Reporting Problems

Street lights fail from time to time and the best way to report them is to let the Council know


There is even a map so you can correctly identify the light number

Reporting Roads, Pavements, Footpaths and Fly Tipping

Many of the problems with roads, pavements footpaths, and other environmental issues are dealt with by the Major authorities. Although we are happy to help, residents will find it much quicker to go direct to these Councils, using the links here.

Neighbourhood Watch