The Parish Council would like to establish an office on Larkhall Lane, adjacent to the Bowls Club/Allotments and has canvassed residents’ opinions on the matter

A Public meeting (Advertised to all Households in the Parish)  was held at the Old School Hall on 3rd August 2019

The presentation below, setting the Hall in the context of the upcoming development was given, and all present gave a positive response to the proposition.

The presentation can be seen here:

The Presentation can be downloaded here

Following the presentation, the 44 residents present were invited to respond with a support/not support survey paper. All present responded “support”


Following this event the Parish Council Carried out a Consultation which offered both online and paper ballots on the proposition for an office as outlined in the presentation. The result was as follows:

  Support Not Supported Spoiled
Online 42 12  
Paper 54 13 2
Total 96 25 2

The Parish Council is now proceeding with the next phase of the project including raising the finance and moving forward with the installation planning.